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After a long and busy week, I am happy to find some time writing a new entry for my blog. So what's up with me? Well, here are some of the latest things I've been up with...

1. Job Offer Confirmation from Accenture Inc.
- "Hi Kirk, alread got the good news from Babs... Expect a call from my team lead, Coleen, within the week for your job offer. I just thought of giving you a heads up already as this may brighten your day. Just pretend to be surprised when she calls you :P" This was the text message I received from Shena Dacasin, a recruitment officer from Accenture Inc. She was the one who ran me through the whole recruitment process and was very very helpful. She has this hobby of spilling out good news which I find nasty and wicked... but cool! On the other hand, Babs Abad was the one who conducted the closing interview for me. She is the project lead of the health and life sciences program which I will be assigned to. The position I got into is of the same level I'm in with IBM, an Assistant Manager for operations. However, Accenture is a completely different industry as they are a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) center.

2. I Got A "Guru" Account in Youtube!
- Guru accounts are for people who are experts in… something! If you’re a gourmet chef, successful investor, or creative clothing designer, you might want to look into getting a Guru account. Advantages include being able to create a custom logo, genre, and links to your other websites from your Profile. There are two ways you can get a Guru account: (a) Specify the type of account you'd like when you first sign up for a new account. or (b)Convert your account from your Channel Info page. By having such account type, I'll be able to upload videos that would not undergo the 10-minute rule in posting.

3. I Bought A New PDA!
- That's right. I'll be having a new PDA this April 20th. I ordered the package through my former agent, Becka. I was told that it will be delivered on the date I just mentioned. Anyway, I'll be having the new O2 Atom PDA as a replacement for my existing PDA, O2 XDA II.

This is my current PDA, O2 XDA IIi

This will be my PDA by April 20th, O2 Atom

O2 Atom Specifications:

- Approx. 58(W) x 102(L) x 18.5(T) mm
- Weight with battery: 140g
- Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

- 2.7" TFT LCD display with touch panel
- 240 x 320 dots resolution
- Supports 262K colours (65,536 effective)

Operating time:
- Standby: 150 hours
- Talk time up to 5.5 hours

Note: Battery life may vary depending on RF conditions and actual usage

- GSM900
- GSM1800
- GSM1900

Bluetooth/Wireless LAN:
- Bluetooth SIG version 1.2 compliant
- IEEE 802.11b compliant

Memory size:
- Flash ROM: 128MB
- RAM: 64MB

- Stereo speaker
- Speaker with receiver
- Omni-directional mono microphone
- Support speaker phone operation
- Ringtone support: 64-chord MIDI, MP3,WMA, WAV
- Playback support: MIDI, MP3, WMA,WAV, AMR

- Colour 2-mega-pixel CMOS camera
- Preview mirror for self portrait
- White LED strobe flash
- Support still image and video capture

- Intel PXA272 416MHz

4. My Public Friendster Account Reached 1000 Friends
- Right, as of April 1st of current year, my public account reached max friend limit of 1000. With this, I opened my second Public account for people who just wish to add me in their list. I do not add people whom I don't know in my private account, so if we're not related with each other, you may add me in friendster through this email address:

A screenshot from my Public Friendster account

I guess that's everything about me recently... and oh, my Dad's leaving for abroad this coming 17th of April. Will spend the rest of the week with my family.


Anonymous said...

Hey Congrats on your new job! I envy you for the Atom! Weeee!

Anonymous said...

Wow 1000 friends!