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Spider Man 3

It was really enjoying when local holidays are given with treats. Thanks to Spiderman 3. That's right! I'm one of those movie geeks who stood in a very long queue just to see it on it's first day. Right! I'm as excited as anyone else! right after Arcy's shift, me and my youngest brother, Kristofer, headed to Glorietta to see the movie. Alas! We are gobsmacked as this was the biggest crowd ever for a movie release! Spiderman 3 was screened 3 days earlier here in the Philippines as opposed to the world premiere coming May 4. 8 out of 10 cinemas in Glorietta was alotted for Spiderman 3. Sanely enough, we decided to watch the movie in Festival Mall Alabang.

As we arrived. We noticed similar situations. 8 out of 10 cinemas were also given for Spidey. Excited enough, we entered the movie house an hour earlier just to ensure our seats. It was a smart decision though ^_^.... Seems like I'll do the same strategy for the next Harry Potter film! LMAO!

I wouldn't write any reviews for the movie yet but I think it was a little below expectations for me.... but hey! The movie was good!

Spiderman 3 Poster
Oh, check this one too:

The movie had a total gross for Tuesday, May 1 of $29.15 million --- 86% bigger than the same territories opened on Spider-Man 2 ($15.6 million) and 175% bigger than the same territories opened on Spider-Man ($10.6 million).

and mark this:
Philippines – 45.6 million Pesos ($1.1) --- Biggest single day of all time, 39% bigger than previous record held by the opening weekend Sunday of Spider-Man 2 (32.7). Bigger than the opening days of Spidey 1 & 2 combined (42 million.) The 51 million opening day is 1/3 of the lifetime gross of Spider Man 1, which was at the time was the biggest film of all time. First film ever to gross $1 million in a single day.

Anyway, here's the longest movie preview of Spiderman 3 aired last April 23 in NBC during the come back of Heroes from it's season break. Enjoy!

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I've seen it on the first day too