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How To Boost Up Your Internet Speed (Free Up Bandwidth)

I was browsing the internet earlier to look for some ad-ons for my website and then I came into this page whereas a trick was taught. I haven't tried this yet but I find it clever and genuine.

: This trick only works with Windows XP Professional

Before you do this trick, go to this link and test your Download/Upload speed, after you apply this trick test your speed again
1.Go To Start > Run > Type in "gpedit.msc" > Click Ok (Now, the Group Policy Editor window should be open)
2. Go To - Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QOS Packet Scheduler > Limit Reservable Bandwidth
3. Double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
4. Click Properties > Enable Reservable Bandwidth > Input "0"
5. Click OK (test your UP/DW again and see the different)

Click this thumbnail for screenshot

This is more like a "counter-what-XP-does" thingy. Furthermore, I conclude that XP seems to be reserving 20% of the bandwidth for itself even when this item (QoS) is disabled. So why not use it for your own advantage? To demonstrate the problem with this on stand alone machines, start up a big download from a server with an FTP client. Try to find a server that doesn't max out your bandwidth. In this case you want a slow-to-medium speed server to test this. Allow it to run for a couple of minutes to get stable. Then begin another download from the same server with another instance of your FTP client. You will notice that the available bandwidth is now being fought over and one of the clients download will be very slow or both will slow down when they should both be using the available bandwidth. Using this "tweak" both clients will have a fair share of the bandwidth and will not fight over the bandwidth.

Disclaimer : This trick is made by someone else that I read from an online source. If you decided to use this so-called "trick", please proceed with caution.


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It worked for me!