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Process Training

Process Training began a week ago. Our assigned Trainers were Juan Miguel Relosa and Richa Sabharwal. We call them Jim and Richa respectively. Our schedule begins at 6:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. We end our daily shifts by pluses and deltas. Process training is more serious compared to Voice & Accent training. In this point, we had a chance to be a part of different people. Some of my VA friends were also with me (Cheng, LJ, Sam, and Glen).

On our first day, we introduced ourselves to one another. We even had the chance to be familiarized with the system we'll be using for the rest of our stay on the floor. We were walked-through the environment of Star (which happens to be one of our training system module). The Star, reminds me of Bobby 'coz he sounded like the guy whose been discussing the whole principles and laws of our job.

As time passes by, we were asked to finally access the Premiere system. The Premiere is a customer database of our program. At first it was quite confusing, but in the long run, we're getting comfortable with it.

Some of my classmates were VA Trainer (Randall), Sales Trainer (Dens), Workforce Manager (Ronnie), and Team Lead (Brags). Brags never had a VA team since she started on the day of our product training.

Finally, the most exciting part of the training program aside from the assessment is the Sivox Simulation. It was a system-based application that has a real-time environment and run by a computer-moderator called Samantha.

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