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The Last Day of V.A. Training

Everyone else is wearing the company's shirt. Each of us has our own way of manifesting our fashion statement depending on how will you present the company's shirt. Al of us looked like a bunch of bowling players. What my co-workers don't know about me is that I play bowling.

My pants sucks. I never thought that the pants I'm wearing was a sweat pants. Anyway, most of my friends think it's cool. Some of my friends from the night shift liked my outfit that day. But they never thought that my pants really sucks. Har har har!

LJ, surprisingly brought a spaghetti for all of us. Her spaghetti reminded me of my Mom because they both have the same taste. It was 7:48 PM when we left the office. We are not going home this time. It was the last day of our Voice and Accent Training. We've planned this a week before. We wanted to celebrate this day because we know that this will be the last day that we would be together as a team. On our way outside the office, I was with Renz, Glen, Leah & her boyfriend, Chris, Mike, Chona, and Jona. Half-way before Ayala MRT station, we've bumped with the second batch. LJ, Cheng, Cherry, and Dinz. The third batch will just follow afterwards.

There was a long queue in the MRT Station. We were even divided into groups. During this time, I was left with the second batch together with 2 guys of my age and Cherry. Together, we slammed in the tight space of MRT. I can hardly breathe inside. There were lots of people and it's been hard for us to get off train. At Cubao station, we've met the first batch and we all went to Renz's place.

It's been a long time since the last time I got drunk. I had a great time with my friends. I fell asleep around 3:00 AM. I feel tipsy and dizzy. I never realized I was sleeping not until I woke up and everything was dark. Everyone else was outside and having a small talk. We all ride the jeep together going Cubao. This time, I was left with Mike and we ride the bus together. He got off the bus at Sucat exit and I went down at the other end of the road before the toll gate and I took a cab along the west service road. I went down at Hillsborough and got most of my things from Ned to bring home with me.

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