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February 3 is Official Special Day

A month ago, I had a great time enjoying the Film Fest movies. I tried to watched at least two movies in a marathon. First is "Aishite Imasu" and the second is "So Happy Together". These movies were heart warming and entertaining although I had a hard time catching up on the languages. Har har har! After watching these movies, me and my pal decided to play some arcade games. And as usual, we played my favorite Time Crisis game. They have the third installment already. It's really fun!

Earlier this day, I went to Humana Clinic at King's Court in Makati city. I had my medical examination. I took a blood test, stool and urine examinations, physical examination, and X-Ray. By the time I was done. Me and the same person I was with a month ago went to Alabang to celebrate this special day. Once we arrived at Festival Mall, we had our lunch at Wendy's, then had a window shopping, and finally settled to rest in the usual place we went in a month ago. As soon as the time reached six in the evening, we've decided to go home. We exchanged letters. Exchanged smiles, and even exchanged hugs... Is this a sign of a new commitment? Yep! It's our first monthsary!

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