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Launch Party

Today's the day after the last day of Lab Live. We're aware that on Monday, we will be divided into new teams and new Team Leads. Some of my companions on my team were Mike and Lawrence. I saw on the board that we will be handled by Aaron. Now, I wonder what our team will be like and what's our team name will be... hmmm. I asked LJ about our Team Lead for the fact that she happens to be under Aaron's lead during the Lab Live. LJ said that Aaron was a nice guy.

I woke up around 11:00 AM today. I wonder what's gonna happen at the Launch party later this evening. Around 4:00 PM... I get myself prepared. Most of the Charlotte Team agreed that we'll set Chowking as our rendezvous area. Jonah was the first one to arrive at the meeting place... Apparently, she doesn't have enough patience and decided to directly go to Dusit Hotel by herself. Next in the scene was me. I arrived at around 6:35 PM. Chowking's crowded that's why I decided to walk a little farther and wait for the others to arrive. When I spun around, I saw Mike at my back. We stood there and waited for LJ for like a thousand years. LJ arrived at exactly 8:15 PM.

By the time that we reached Dusit, we registered at the lobby and proceed to Ciao Room. Everyone's wearing a cool outfit. In fact, each has his own kind. From modern to Retro.... from Hip Hop to Punk. It's like the 70's meets the 90's environment inside. The Launch Party ceremony took the cool music over. There was the Awarding ceremony. Among my close friends who won an award this night were LJ (Ms. Congeniality for Richa's class), Chona (Ms. Congeniality for Abby's class), Sam (Team Jester for Richa's class), Ian (Mr. Congeniality for Briggs' class), Eric (Mr. Congeniality for Richa's class). For the Major awards, my good 'ol friend Oliver won the Best in VA Awards, while Ian got the Highest Maximize award... and then of course I bagged the BEST IN LAB LIVE Award!!! Yeah!

** Here is my final stats for the Lab Live...
- AHT - 425 secs
- Hold Time - 9.8 secs
- ACW - 0
- Transfer Rate - 5.8%
- Adjustment Rate - 0.48%
- Maximize Rate - 8.4%
- QAM - 90%
- Assessments Average - 98.5%

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