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From Anxiety to Celebration: A Day in the Life of a Working Pet Parent!


As the sun's rays slowly filter through the curtains, I wake up to a surprise waiting for me at the table. My partner Arcy, ever the thoughtful one, has prepared my lunch and coffee, carefully laid out in anticipation of my morning routine. Grateful for his efforts, I take a sip of the hot coffee, the creamy milk causing a stir in my stomach as I am lactose intolerant.

After several trips to the bathroom, I sit at my desk, ready to tackle the day's work. The town hall meeting looms ahead, sending anxious butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Despite working from home, the thought of the meeting has me jittery, my mind preoccupied with the looming event.

In the midst of my flurry of thoughts, I almost forget that today is a special day - my beloved dog, Elon's 4th birthday. A quick call to Arcy confirms that he hasn't forgotten, and a wave of relief washes over me. It's a comfort to know that in the midst of a hectic day, there are moments of pure joy to look forward to.

As the clock ticks closer to 5 pm, I find myself increasingly anxious, my mind flitting between thoughts of my mentee's presentation and the looming deadline of my own work. The town hall meeting begins, and my heart pounds in my chest as I listen intently to the speakers.

When it's finally my mentee's turn to speak, I hold my breath, watching as she takes the stage with confidence and grace. My chest swells with pride as she delivers her message with passion, the room hanging on to her every word. Her eloquence and conviction leave a deep impression on me, and I am reminded once again of the power of words.

As the meeting comes to a close, a wave of relief washes over me. It's been a successful event, and I feel grateful to be part of a community that values open communication and collaboration. The weight of the day lifts from my shoulders, and I find myself looking forward to the evening's celebrations.

As we gather around the table for dinner, Arcy presents Elon with a cake, the flickering candles casting a warm glow over the room. The smell of lasagna, barbeques, and two boxes of pizzas fills the air, and my mouth waters in anticipation.

We celebrate Elon's birthday together with Nico, a beloved family member, along with two other chihuahuas - Bella, Elon's wife, and Primo, his eldest son. The atmosphere is jovial, and I can't help but smile at the sight of the dogs, tails wagging in excitement.

As the night wears on, I find myself scrolling through social media, the endless stream of videos and pictures offering a brief respite from the day's events. A video of a baby orangutan catches my eye, swinging gleefully on a tire swing. Suddenly, it bumps its head and begins to cry, the sound sending a pang of sadness through my heart. It's a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment.

But amidst the bittersweet moments, there are moments of pure joy. The live performance of the Jonas Brothers, singing their song "Waffle House" fills the room, the upbeat tune lifting our spirits and filling the air with energy. We sing along, the music offering a brief reprieve from the troubles of the world.

As the night draws to a close, I find myself filled with a sense of gratitude. Grateful for the small moments of joy that punctuate our lives, and for the people and pets that bring meaning to our days. Despite the challenges of the day, I am reminded once again of the beauty of life and the moments that make it.

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