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I woke up at around 1300 HRS today. I checked up my phone and I found that I got a message from the company I was chancing for. The message was from Daksh, an IBM subsidiary. It was an Indian company that caters American inbound sales for telecommunications company. The message was asking me to be in the office at exactly 1600 HRS for my final interview. Whew! People may wonder why am I chancing up on this offer whereas I'm currently connected with the company I'm working for right now. Well, the answer was so simple. I was just taking chances on the good opportunities that the company offers.

At around 1530 HRS I reached Ayala Avenue. Jerell was waiting for me right in the outskirts of MRT. I was 30 minutes late on the time I've given him but it was alright since I haven't even got any nap since my work last night. Jerell and I hurried to the Jeepney Terminal wherein we took a ride that routes to Washington Avenue. We passed The Peninsula Manila and it reminded me of the events that happened there a year ago.

Five years ago, the Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez, sang on top of this hotel's grand fountain during the pre-millennium celebration. A year ago, I've spent the holidays here along with my best cousins. We reached PBCom tower within 5 minutes. I've had my final interview and it lasted for 40 minutes. It worked out very well and the lady who interviewed me asked me to wait at the lobby for my job offer. I've waited until 8 in the evening but I still haven't signed up my job offer. What could be the reason of taking so long? I decided to leave.

Jerell and I decided to have a quick dinner at the fast food nearby. After that quite filling meal, we walked our way to Makati Avenue. I took some snap shots of the street post, to make sure I'm at the right place har har!

As soon as we've reached Makati Avenue, we decided to part ways since Jerell has a long way back home. I took a cab there and went straight right to Export Bank Plaza to have my final interview with the other company that offers me a good compensation. I was scheduled for a 2130 HRS interview and by the moment I had it, I think I've made it again. Since it was way too pass regular office hours, they've assigned me to call them back and ask for the schedule of my job offer.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You have a great experience! Way to go pal!