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First Day Of Work

I woke up early today. I was kind of excited on my first day at work. Well, it's only an orientation day but I'm still feeling lucky today. I arrived at Daksh at exactly 7:00 am. The seats were already been occupied by a bunch of people who happens to be my wave batch. I stood in the corner for 15 minutes before the workforce even gave us an extra seat to accommodate all of us. The orientation didn't began as promised. It was like, we've waited for about an hour or two before the people from the HR began calling our names. Earlier this day, right before the orientation started, we were handed the Company's Code of Conduct Manual. We are asked to read it so as to be familiarized with the policies, etc.

The orientation began at exactly 08:27 am. Everyone was arranged in an alphabetical order. As soon as we've found our seats, we've been handed our agreement papers, some other requirements to fill-out, and other company paraphernalia. The speaker have entered the room afterwards. It was Marie who happens to be my aunt's co-worker way back in their former company [Integrated Machines Inc] which is under Ayala Corporation's supervision.

The Orientation lasted for a couple of hours. Right after the orientation, we were asked to proceed to the 30th floor and have our pictures taken for our IDs. Afterwards, I was invited by five people to come along with them to have our lunch while waiting for our IDs. It was my first time at THE PATIO.

A couple of hours later, we hurried to get our IDs. I was surprised that we were also given some training kits such as a file envelope, a steno notebook, ball pen and pencil, and our very own Daksh shirts. As soon as we got our things, we've decided to go home

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