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The Lex and Lana Wedding

"I do"

After a month of season break. Smallville has finally returned with it's latest episode. Season 6 Episode 16: "Promise". This episode is surely heartbreaking for the Clark and Lana fans out there as Lana Lang finally exchanged vows with Lex Luthor. In this episode, Lana also learned the shocking truth about Clark Kent.

Chloe matches the flowers

Lana planned not to show up for the wedding as she decided to be with Clark. Unfortunately, she was black mailed by Lionel Luthor and has to immediately choose between the lesser of two evils. It was also from this episode that we learned that something is weird going on with Lana's pregnancy.

Lana as she walked the aisle

Anyway, too bad that Lana finally settled down. What would the next episodes has to offer? I hope they now focus on Clark fulfilling his destiny as Superman!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Hell no!

Anonymous said...

I like the photos! They're awesome... too bad for Lana... Well, that's how predictable the story was.....

Anonymous said...

Good for Lana :)