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Heroes: A New Addiction

I am really hooked with this brand new TV Series "Heroes". I heard about this some time last year but I was so hooked with Smallville which is currently in it's 6th season. So far, I find "Heroes" as my favorite TV Series. I've done a marathon from Episodes 1 - 7 earlier and I'm currently downloading episode 8. Anyways, "Heroes" hasn't been introduced here in the Philippines but most likely, we'll have it by 2008, and chances are, it'll be aired in Studio 23... Just getting that feeling, though I'm still unsure.

What is Heroes?
Heroes is a new television series on NBC, created by Tim Kring (also creator of Crossing Jordan). It premiered last September 25th, 2006 at 9:00PM (Monday), it was the most awaited series that launched last year.

What is Heroes about?
The show is about regular people from all around the world discovering that they have special abilities. Not knowing where their powers came from, each of them deal with life changing events.

Who are the Heroes?
This is what I currently know of the main characters:

What is their purpose?
At this time it is unknown why these people have special powers. Perhaps to save the world?


Anonymous said...

I've seen this too and i think I like it :P

Anonymous said...

I love this show!