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Another Day for Shoppaholics

We woke up at exactly 8 in the morning yesterday. Arcy and I have already set our itinerary for the whole day. I was glad that we've done all our plans except from seeing the movie "Bridge to Terabithia". Anyway, it was really a tiring day.

We first stopped at Park Square 1 to buy the digital watch that Lanz' want. It was quite a bargain though. We bought it for a fairly low price. We headed next to Bio Research. I spent nearly Php 5,000 for a dog's travel cage (which will eventually be used by our 3 bunnies), a Hamster's playground (a cage with attached add-ons that looked like a maze), a pair of Teddy bear hamsters, a pair of rabbits, and a set of feeds. We really are turning our pad into somewhat like a wildlife.

A day before yesterday, we went to visit my parents' place. I lend them my WOW Magic Sing and 4 DVD disks for them to watch. We then headed to Festival Mall and we bought 2 new rubber shoes. We bought And1 and Accel shoes altogether for another Php 5,000.00 it was quite a bargain. It's a good thing we headed there during Sale.

Anyway, we've also seen "Epic Movie", this movie however, doesn't make any sense at all. It has no concrete storyline, quite inconsistent, and a waste of time... on the other hand, I liked it, I laughed at it, and I guess I was quite surprised that I liked a lame movie such as this. "Epic Movie" is like a sequel to the infamous series of "Scary Movies", but since they will no longer create another scary movie, they would of course continue the series with the Epic Movie.

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