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Noche Espléndida

I titled this post Noche Espléndida instead of Media Noche. In Spanish, Media Noche means "An Average Night", but is significantly used during the eve of New Year's Day. On the other hand, I find this night a very special night.

Anyway, for some reason, I woke up so late in the afternoon. It was around 2:00 PM more or less. My two siblings, Bevs and Tim, stayed at my apartment for the last 2 days. This made them so hooked into movie and anime marathon. What I'm trying to say is, all of us woke up late, that includes Arcy.

Again, one of the tenants in my apartment (Boggs) is still missing in action. It's a good thing that me and Arcy ended up celebrating the New Year's Eve with my family. Thanks to my mom and Dad for persuading us to stay so. Anyway, since we are short of time for preparation, Arcy and I decided to buy a cake from Red Ribbon, ingredients for Chicken Macaroni Salad, and a bottle of red wine.

Alas, not everything that is planned turned out so well. We might have underestimated the occasion. We can no longer find any shop that sells cakes so we ended up buying a chocolate roll from Goldilocks. Instead of us buying ingredients for the salad, we ended up buying a galon of Cookies and Cream flavoured Ice Cream. On contrary, we bought a very delicious red wine that is extracted from Strawberry and Grapes.

All is well, we celebrated the eve with a toast of red wine, a prayer, and cheerful faces. Hoping for a good year this year.

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