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A Gigantic Birthday Bash

Hey! It's December 28th and that makes my aunt's birthday today. So since, she hasn't come home for the last 13 years, mom planned a quite impressive megaton celebration for her dear sister.

Alright, here's the deal. I'm supposed to pick up my aunt and her family from The Peninsula Manila, ride a cab all the way through JPA Homes in Susana Heights, drop them there to visit Mrs. Almeda, then come home to drop off several gift bags for Christmas to be distributed to every family.

What came out of the event was rather unexpected but was astonishing and impressive for my aunt. Everyone in the Belarmino clan is present. Though, we are also missing several people, but almost everyone is there. Alright, we didn't realize that I got plenty and even more cousins than I thought. Our clan's production is very progressive. Har har har!

Well, it was really a very exciting and happy day. Too bad, I had no photos taken this day, but hey! I'll wait for my aunt to post the photos asap. I'll post it here right away once I get hold of the uploaded photos.

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