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Lunch Out With The Torreses

I never imagined that after 13 years of residency in Vancouver, my closest aunt would one day come back to the homeland. It was like only yesterday when they arrived and yet they are now heading back to the foreign land they've learned to call their home.

I took a leave for this day to come out right... however, it turned out even better. Okay, this is how it all happened. Three days ago I was told to head to The Peninsula Manila after work so I could come along with my Family along with the Torreses for a scrumptious lunch out.

Walking our way to Glorietta

Alright, instead of a lunch out, it turned out to be a dinner. But hey! I think it's better. Anyway, we headed towards "Recipes". It's a fine-dining restaurant in the middle of Greenbelt 3. They serve native dishes that is quite familiar to the taste of the Filipinos.

Food! Here we go!

After that delectable set of foods, we also had good conversations and a never-ending photo sessions. Right after, we decided to take a short walk from our location, back to The Peninsula Manila. We took the Greenbelt 4 route going there and had window-shopping with some of the finest brands out there. To name some of them, we passed a hallway of stores like Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Burberry's, Celio, Springfield, Banana Republic, etc.

Twins by fate ^_^ My Sister and Cousin
Outfit by Springfield. Part of my wishlist for 2007
That's my sister standing and amzed to Marks and Spencers' display
I had everything taken in video. Just make sure to check my Videos blog since I won't be attaching it along with this post. Anyway, as soon as we reached the Penn, I hurried down to meet with Arcy at the lobby and so we headed to Mall of Asia.

Our purpose?

Find out on my next post!

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