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Meet The New Bunny!

Hey! 12 Days have gone since Persephone left us for good. This time, we searched for the perfect replacement. Well, in fact, we're not looking for Persephone's replacement as she will still remain the pet that we loved. What we're actually searching for, is a bunny that is as adorable as Persephone.

As soon as we headed for BioResearch, after purchasing a ticket to watch Eragon, my attention was drawn to this one and only bunny available for sale. It seems like it was there for us to grab. It's like heaven-sent. The first time I saw this cute creature, we immediately bought it!

Our new bunny. Showing her fur and beauty.

I called her Bugs Bunny. It's not her official name though but she is like a living replica of my favorite Looney Tunes character. She has this ash color that shows different tones as you stroke her furs. She's also healthy and smaller as compared to Alpheus.

Another view

As soon as we head home, we have Alpheus meet her. To our surprise, it seemed like Alpheus like her much! Bingo! He met a hot chick! Oh well, he's sort of jealous with her. He seemed to notice that we cuddle her more than him. There also came a time that he doesn't like to be touched. Poor Alpheus...

But we love him though! He's the most energetic and lively pet I've ever had. ^_^

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