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Griffin & Phoenix

"As day passes, a part of our body is dying. All of us will have the same destination from this journey we called life. The difference is how we spend the remaining ticks of the clock before we grasp our final breath."

- Arcy

I learned from Arcy that "Griffin and Phoenix" was in fact a remake of a 1976 movie and as I watched it, I was moved. For me, the movie would bore you in some scenes. There were also numerous scenes which I find unrealistic. On the other hand, I believe it was a good film.

Alright, it's about Sarah Phoenix ( Amanda Peet ) who has an Ovarian cancer while Griffin ( Dermot Mulroney) has a multiple lesion in his chest. In other words, both of them are in the terminal part of their life. They barely know each other and they have the same thing to make the most.... their remaining time.

Just imagine if both of you knows that your relationship is doomed, thus your days are numbered. What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Gee! I think that's scary!