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It's Wednesday. I took another three-days leave excluding my one day off this week. Well, I was planning to go and consider the invitation I had with HSBC as an Assistant Manager for Operations however, something came up which I thought is a better idea.

And so, Arcy and I went to Glorietta 4 to watch Eragon! Anyway, we used this so-called prepaid movie passes valid only in Ayala Malls and I think it's kind of handy when you need it. Anyway, the prepaid is worth Php 100.00 each passes and I got them for only Php 80.00 each. Thanks to Rada for selling me such usable stuff.

Eragon Official Poster

Eragon is about a boy named "Eragon" who found a polished blue stone in the forest. At first, he thinks it's a lucky discovery, something that will bring meat to his poor family for the winter. Instead, it brings a dragon hatchling, and Eragon is soon thrust into a world of magic and power through which he and the dragon must navigate.

The movie was good but is not likely the kind that impresses me. There is something in the movie that is missing in which I can't even muster to identify as which.

Map of the Eragon Universe

Right after the movie, we literally ran towards Bio Research store to pick up the new rabbit that we bought earlier before we went inside the movie house. Details are in a separate post.

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