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Joyeux Noël [Merry Christmas]

It's Christmas day! I hurriedly ran to the office the moment I woke up. I am thankful upon finding out that I had 7 agents present at work today despite the importance of this occasion to every family. Surprisingly, one of my short term goals in my company has been met. Cyrus, one of my team's point person, has now been promoted to Voice and Accent Trainer. I am so happy to have a subordinate get promoted. That is already a good Christmas present for myself.

Anyway, as early as 11:15 AM I finished my quick huddle with my team then immediately proceed to The Peninsula Manila. I met one of my aunts in the lobby. It's nice to know that I arrived just in time. So, moving forward, we set our foots inside the ranger then headed to Sta. Rosa Laguna.
By the time we reached our destination, my family hasn't arrived yet. So, I spent my time with my best cousins blabbering non-sense. As the clock hits 2:45 PM, my family arrived and we immediately fixed the table for our Christmas feast.
On our feast we had baked potatoes, baby back ribs, the ever delicious Mechado, Steak, Ham, sugar-free brownies, and a delicious cocktail. i hate to say this but i won't lose any weight today. Right after lunch, we opened one of the gigantic gifts there was. It's not so surprising to see the content from the wrapping outside. Well, it was a humongous teddy bear. I named it Morgan for my cousin. It was nearly 5 feet tall and definitely bigger than any of my cousins. Har har har! I estimated it was worth Php 8,000.00 from Bear Cuddler shoppe.

Home-made Ham! Yum!

What we got for Christmas

Taken from another view

My cousin Sarah, opening her enormous Christmas present

Hey! I'm almost there! What do we have here?

It's a ... It's a ... It's a MASCOT!
We spent the rest of the day chatting with one another, had a laptop in front of me the whole time and drafting this blog entry online. It was really a nice day. Arcy, on the other hand, had a shift so he quickly went to the office after a party held at their place in Nueva Ecija.

Me with my siblings and cousins at the living room

Cousin Paul, me, and my brothers

(From left to right) My sister, Sarah, and Frances

Family photo
Anyway, everything went so well today. Looking forward for more Christmas days ^_^

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