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The Luis Family, the Crossover, and Arcy Online

It was another tiring day today. I am, in fact, not in the mood to come to work. Thanks to Arcy for waking me up every now and then. He keeps me going. Har har har! As soon as I arrived to the office, I was pleased to see the people under our OM umbrella wearing our team-spirit shirts. Thanks to Kaye for the creative design at a very affordable price.

My subordinates were on AUX 9 (System Issue protocol) as soon as they came back from lunch. I, on the other hand, just arrived after a tiresome travel. The entire account has been experiencing a tantamount series of drop/ghost calls, in layman's term, they're known as "one-way audio". The entire operations resumed at around 11:30 AM earlier.

As soon as we finished the shift, everyone hurried to the 31st floor for the General Assembly to be facilitated by the Assistant Managers and as well as our dear OM. I was asked to tackle the first two slides which covers the team stats for November and December.

This is Jean's foot. Check out her toe ring!

On the assembly we recognized performers, gave tokens to the awardees, and discussed the hype of our current action plans to boost Customer Satisfaction. Then after the said assembly, we rallied our way to our floor meet with our dear manager. I was also surprised that today's our scheduled night out with my colleagues. We decided to go and eat at the Crossover buffet at Dad's, Saisaki, and Kamayan at Glorietta 2.

Freebies we got from buying a refillable iced tea

Check out the guy in the middle... We don't know who he is!

As usual, we bombed the place with neverending picture takings, hard laughters, and gossip exchanges. We hardly noticed the time. Too bad, my PDA had ran out of power. Too good, Kaye bought her 6 mpx digicam. That solved our day.

Our Indian colleague, Rakhi, with the glutton! Peace!

Who's prettier?

At home, when I came back at around 9:00 PM, I can already feel the pain of being too tired from a long day. I took a shower first to freshen up myself, then finally decided to take my rest. However, I almost forgot that I promised Arcy to upload his site layout that I made for him.

Yes, I am responsible for the makeover of Arcy's blogsite. It was his own idea of style, but nevertheless I, of course, am responsible for everything. Ahem! Peace! Anyway officially launched today (December 22, 2006).

This is the screenshot of Arcy Online's site layout that I made

Now, after I'm done with all the to-do things for today, I am very delighted that I can finally take the rest that I deserve. I've beeen thinking of revising my site's layout by January. What do you think?

Let me know if you have a suggestion. Feel free to post a comment! ^_^

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