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Edrei & New Layouts

I didn't come to work today. I spent my time sleeping all day. What a relief. I haven't had much sleep for 2 weeks. Well, since I got nothing to do, I revised my website layout as soon as i got up from bed. What I have in mind is the Gothic-Carnivale entourage which I was successful in doing so. Another things is that, I found out that Edrei has changed his old website from to I wonder what's gotten into his mind but the good thing is that I found a customizable guestbook through his site, and so I made my own guestbook. Thanks to Edrei.

Tonic Advent version 1.0 (The old layout)

Since, I mentioned Edrei, I received a text message a while ago with his recommendation of me viewing his video from VCF Alabang website. So for his benefit and for the church as well, I'll be sharing this video. Please take some time to view it and feel free to post a comment.

VCF Video Announcement (Dec 2006)


Anonymous said...

Right. My idea and your techniques. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm very pleased with your new layout. The word "Great" would be an understatement. You're uber good!