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A Tribute To Persephone

25 Days ago two little angels found us and asked us to take them home. We named them Alpheus and Persephone. They are cute little bunnies and I never regret bringing them home. 25 days later, Persephone has left us forever. I held her in my arm. It was so sudden. As soon as I arrived home from work, I even saw her jumping for joy.

A few minutes later... she's gone.

Her passing is still a mystery and yet a riddle to the mind but understood by the heart. I've never felt this bad when a pet passed away after my favorite dog passed away a decade ago. I was dumbfounded after seeing Persephone lying... lifeless.

Arcy soon knew about the news and we were both silent... yet happy with hope.

It was said that after a life has been shed, a hundred folds of brand new life is returned. That reminded me the "Law of Conservation".

As for now... Forever farewell to you Persephone.

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