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Ma Pré Célébration De Noël ::: My Pre Christmas Celebration

This is one exciting day of the year. First of all, my aunt from vancouver along with my cousin arrived earlier. Next thing, I hardly had time to sleep. One last thing, I'll be celebrating the eve with my family... Well, that's what I thought.

Anyway, I took a nap and asked my sister to give me a ring on my landline so as for me to wake up by 2:30 PM. By the time I woke up, I hurriedly prepared to be fetched by my Dad. Well, my Dad's a little late as he went on to look where he could find my apartment. It was a good thing I saw him first. I went down from my apartment's building then wave a hand at him.

I sat in the front beside my Dad then we drove our way to The Peninsula Manila to pick up my aunt and her family. I didn't expect that finding our way to go to the hotel wasn't as easy as ABC, but instead, we got lost on our way finding the right route to the hotel. We went around Ayala Ave. and Makati Ave. twice before we find our way.

Taken on the other side of the street.

Being inside Manila Penn (The Peninsula Manila) wasn't my first time either. I can still remember the time I spent my holidays here 3 years ago. Now that I'm back, I had no worries of finding my way to my aunt's suite. As my Dad and I hurried our way upstairs, I took a bunch of photos for my blog. Nothing much changed in the place except the gigantic aztec looking vases at the lobby.

Gabriela Monument with Manila Penn at the back

The Hotel Vallet area

The Hotel Lobby

Upon reaching the third floor and right to the suite where my aunt stays, they couldn't believe how much I've grown. It was like their first time here in Manila after 13 years of residency in Great Vancouver. They left the country when I was barely 7. Now, I'm 22. They almost thought I was a stranger. Well, honestly I am now a stranger to them...

Third Level Hallway. On our way to Suite 324

Here's a photo of Suite 324

My aunt brought me a full pack of my favorite Ferreros. I couldn't imagine that Ferreros are not that expensive as what it is here. I also got a new shirt, and some vitamins! Great! Seeing my Mom and my aunt with my Grand Dad was truly a teary moment. Seeing their tears was quite overwhelming. I remember my cousin when she finally got here in Manila. Frances, whom had left the country when she was only 17 months, felt sad for The Philippines realizing how blessed she was when she spent growing up in another country that is truly organized and full of opportunities. However, she also realizes that despite the Filipino people on poverty, everyone seems so happy to celebrate Christmas. But still, shocked with how our country looked like.

One example was when they landed from the plane. She thought that the atmosphere was filled with fog, then realizing afterwards that it was in fact smog. She never even saw a real cockroach in her life. Neither an ordinary ant.

After having our early Noche Buena (Christmas eve Feast), my parents took me home. That's how I got here right now having me spend Christmas eve all alone. Seems sad? I don't think so. I had a quiet time with God. I greet him like a son does to his father... and I like the feeling. I asked for his guidance and wisdom for every path I should take. I thanked him for being a good God... Well, "good" was in fact an understatement but I'd rather say he's the best there is. I am thankful that he gave me almost everything that I wanted. On the other hand, I also thanked him for not giving everything to me... so that I could always have something I could look forward to.

Frances, beside me.

Me, my siblings, and my cousin (I hate sitting in between ultra thin people, making me so fat)

(From left to right) My Mom, Tita Lynne, and Tita Jing

Frances, opening a gift from my sister

I also thanked our Lord for bestowing me a beloved partner in life whom I truly love. I couldn't ask for more (Which reminds me of 1Corinthians 13:4-8).

To God Be The Glory!

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