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Wave 3 Party

It's the Wave 3 Graduation party. Right after the friday shift, I immediately go home and just changed clothes and headed all the way to the mall. At the mall, I bought new set of clothes (A jacket, a shirt, pants, shoes, belt, etc) that I will use at the party. Right after that, I bought 2 pairs of contact lenses (brown & light brown). I also got my hair did at the nearest Fix Salon. It's really a tiring day most especially I had no time to sleep.Just imagine that I wasn't able to sleep for the last 24 hours.

On my way to the Ayala MRT Station, the heavy rain began to fall. It rained so hard that I almost got drenched. I arrived to Annapolis station at around 6:00 PM. Since the rain is not over. I tried waiting for a cab right down accross the elevator. It took me like an hour waiting for nothing not until Freud came down at the same station and coincidentally, a bus went by.

The party was held at Dad's Restaurant. Me and Freud arrived there at around 8:00 PM. We ate and watched for several performance by the wave 3 participants. I'm proud that people from my team received an award.

When the clock hits 12:00 MN, I immediately went home because I'll be celebrating my birthday early in the morning.

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