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Boys' Night Out

Hey! It's a Monday and it's my off for work. I finally had the time for myself. It's a good thing that my friend, Lucien, invited me to hang out with him. Well, we've met at around 10:30 PM beside the Starbucks Coffee near my office. We immediately ride a cab going to Greenbelt. So far, we have nothing in mind what to do or where to go next. Well, at least, I'm glad I got a nice pal with me that evening.

The moment we reached Greenbelt. We've finally decided to watch a movie. We settled for "Monster-in-law" starred by Jennifer Lopez (as Charlie) playing lead role for the future bride of Michael Vartan (as Kevin). Jane Fonda plays as Viola Fields, who is a well-known talk-show host and is not in favor with her son's fiance.

We actually had a great time together... Seated at seats number 10 and 11 within the letter "K" row of the movie house. Right after the movie ended, we hurried outside Greenbelt. Stood there for a while, until we've finally decided to walk our way towards my office.

We went to the 30th floor and I signed up for my credit card form through an agent. After that, we settle down at the retiring area of the office. We had good conversation and in fact, we've decided to hang out again next week. It's so unfortunate that I got work by 6:00 AM that's why he has to leave the office before that time. Anyways, we had a great time together.

Well, Lucien, just in case you've come accross this post, this is for you pal. Thanks and God bless us all.

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