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Leading For Results

May 18 was the third day of our quick training before the wave 3 comes in. As early as 6:00 am, we hurried along 6750 building for our Leading For Results seminar. The session was held headed by Ms. Joy Jusayan, which is our company's voice and accent training manager. The event lasted for two days at the 14th floor of IBM office at 6750 building, Ayala Avenue, Makati city.

The whole training program was actually fun. At the beginning of the program on the first day, we were asked to introduced ourselves. On the second day, we were asked to write something positive for all of us in the room. We were also joined by the wave 2 team leads (Hans, Karl, Leo, Del, Malou) and our O.M. Luis Gonzales and a Wave 1 Team Lead, Francis Ann Cutillon. What we've learned from the program are the factors of becoming an efficient and effective leader, how to handle and manage people, how to do giving of feedback and monitorings, etc. We also have undergone a psycho-analysis examination. I was classified as a Melancholic person aside from the other three characteristics. It was really surprising that I was classified as a deep person. Hmm... Kinda cool huh?

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