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Kirk on 23rd

This is more than a month-old post, however, I just recently had the photos with me. Anyways, my faily has prepared a small get together for my post-birthday celebration. It's nothing much, but it was more than okay.

Ronald McDonald now available in Mascot suit!

Okay, my birthday wasn't held at McDonald's. Har har! I just recently found out that Ronald McDonald is now an official mascot! I remember the old days when Ronald McDonald was always being shown as a guy wearing clown make up. Now, he has finally become a mascot.

Something I edited in Photoshop

That's what I call "Discipline your brother". Kidding!

My sister. Doing a great job in holding her breath!

We also had some series of photo shoots. Most photos are available in my multiply page for viewing. For a complete set of photos, click here.

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