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A Hundred Folds

I've resigned from work three days ago. The reason? It's uneasiness. You sometimes let yourself into something you don't feel comfortable until you end up dragging your feet just for the sake to be there... Well, I didn't let that happen to me. I've decided as early as possible.
On the other hand, Accenture's been a good place to work. It's just that, it needs to be my kind of place to belong in. Anyway, I've also made good acquaintances with the analysts. Apparently, I was unable to establish good relationship with my co-managers.

Let me know what you think...

Update: June-06-07 I decided to end my employment with Accenture Delivery Center for the "attitude" shown by my co-managers. I was starving the other night but I tried to wait for my co-managers for the purpose of us getting into a small-talk especially since I'm new to the whole department.

I saw that they were already able to set-up themselves on the pantry and began eating. I thought it was the best time for me to join them and hopefully make their acquaintance. As soon as I got there I asked them if they don't mind me joining their table. They said it was okay. As soon as I sat on the chair, they immediately said that they changed their mind eating here and would need to look some place else downstairs. Then everyone left me on the pantry. I was like...WTF?

Having said those, I officially quit from Accenture on this day.

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