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Romeo and Juliet

I guess I'm enjoying having pets around. Yeah, if you're thinking that I bought another set of pets, you're absolutely right. Earlier, we bought 2 cute Teddy Bear Hamsters and a fancy container for barely Php 500.00.

I've never seen this kind of hamsters before. They resembled closely to a stuffed bear for kids' toys. Cool! I've been thinking of a famous couple's names while suddenly Romeo and Juliet popped out of my mind. And I think it's perfect for those cute creatures.

Anyway, changing the topic, Arcy and I had some furniture shopping earlier too. We've purchased a computer table enough to hold the desktop PC and the laptop. We also bought a fancy cabinet to add to our tiny apartment's crowd. ^_^

Hey! We also watched Apocalypto written and directed by Mel Gibson. In my opinion, I think it has a lame story but great cinematography. The overall appearance of the movie is absolutely great but if you'll realize how was the storyline... er... well... it was still good though. It was fascinating to see Aztec tribes on the big screen for the first time. And I think that made the movie great ^_^

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Awww... Cute names