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The Jackets Are In

About two weeks ago, I was asked to provide a design for the Management Team's jacket. I came up with three proposals and they all liked the black ones. With this reason, we all decided to push with making a team jacket under our expense. We had Mommy Pie provide our contact with the tailor. He charged us around Php 800.00 excluding the template for the prints which would cost another Php 800.00 to be divided amongst us.

"Let's clean up these mess"
2 weeks later, voila!... The jackets are in! Only that the "Silver Fern" logo wasn't included due to scarcity of time. On the other hand, the jackets were good. However, there are a few disputes with the tailoring. First, the sleeves were too long, like my arms are completely covered (which includes my two hands), and second, the rubberized design was too thin. I doubt how it would survive a laundry. Hmmm... but it was still cool!

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