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Bio Rangers

It's funny what happened today. Five of us from the management team are wearing power rangers-colors-like clothes. I was wearing a red jacket, AC was wearing a green shirt, Jae was wearing a blue-collared shirt, Phoenix was wearing a yellow sports jacket, and lastly, Marvee, wearing a pink sleeveless blouse.

A posterized version of the original photo

As soon as we noticed what we're wearing it triggered our brilliant minds to come to think about our childhood heroes, Bioman, and Power Rangers (80's & 90's kid). Well, they both share the same ideas, only that Bioman was made in Japan, unlike with Power Rangers, which is an American-made real-life cartoon. We've tried to mimic their team formations and only came up with a few good shots since the one who's taking the photos has her hands shaking because of laughter. I then tried to add some effects using the ever loyal Adobe Photoshop. It was really funny. Check out the complete photos at my multiply account.

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