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Meeting, Gweilo's, and The Long Weekend Forecast

It surely had been a long weekend for all of us at work; especially since we travel daily to Eastwood City in Libis, QC. We had a short hands-on today with the system we've been learning for the past two weeks on our product specifics training. Nonetheless, all the information had been mediocre. Thank goodness for not having an information overload situation.

At dinner time, I went with my boss to buy some snacks. He had told me that he's been keeping some news from us that we might have a long weekend. It was a good thing that I was the first one among others to know about these whereabouts (at least, as far as I know).

By the time we got back, our operations director entered the room with some news about next week's itinerary for the management team. And... good news! We do have a long weekend! Yay! Because Monday will be "Quezon City Day".

Business as usual, we resume the session without Merryn and Brandon. We, the management team, went on with the meeting. I have presented my proposal for the Management Team's jacket design for everyone, and I'm so glad that everyone liked it. Thank you very much.

We also ordered 4 boxes of pizzas. I had a contribution to this purchase as our side of the team lost 2 challenging games from our last team building (August 8, 2007). As we proceed with the meeting, it took us some time to recover from our laughter. It was really fun!

As we ended the shift, everyone (except for Phoenix and Jae) agreed to have the usual weekend get together. This time, we had it at Gweilo's, talk about mediocrity, it is one of those bars in Eastwood. I only had a bottle of beer as my stomach had been acting weird for quite a while.

It's raining hard... and I am suddenly overwhelmed by the sadness that is lingering in my thoughts... Boy, when will this ever end?

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