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Mega Shopping Spree!

Finally, our 13th month pay along with our salaries had been given. I received it last night and as I went back home, Arcy and I (as planned) prepared for purchasing a new mobile phone as soon as the clock ticks 9:00 AM.

Alas! We fell asleep and woke up at 1:00 in the afternoon. Such a waste! obviously, Lanz was nowhere to be seen as she went ahead of us. Anyway, we took the first cab outside our apartment and headed to Greenhills Shopping Center (Formerly known as Vira Mall).

We were contemplating on buying either a brand new or a refurbished phone. FYI, Arcy already had the nokia N90 three weeks back and got stolen 2 days after we purchased it. What a waste! This time we'll make it sure that it doesn't get stolen... or was it a wise buy?

Thank God, after 2 hours of roaming around the whole establishment, we found a stall that offers the lowest price for a refurbished N90. They only offered it for a price of Php 12.5K. What a great deal!

Obviously, we grabbed the offer. On the other hand, I also purchased accessories for my gadgets. It's a good thing that there had been a number of kind friends who advised me to buy accessories here instead of buying it from a store in a mall.

I bought a very fancy metallic case (black) and earphones for my iPod video, protector shield (black) and USB cable for my O2 XDA II PDA. Arcy, on the other hand, had the black protector shield for his Nokia N90 mobile phone.

We saved a lot of money just by being here. Everything's going cool!

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